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Welcome to MGB Surgery


The Mini-Gastric Bypass ( MGB ) procedure is a short, simple, successful and inexpensive technique in weight loss surgery. The operation usually takes less than an hour and the hospital stay is usually less than 24 hours. With excellent long term weight loss, minimal pain and the option for reversal or revision should the need ever occur, it’s not surprising that people from all across America are choosing the Mini-Gastric Bypass as their Laparoscopic gastric Bypass procedure over other types of weight loss surgery.

Driven by his desire to offer hope and assistance to the growing number of obese patients, Dr. Hargroder underwent personal training in the Mini-Gastric Bypass procedure by the surgeon who developed the procedure.

If you are interested in the MGB procedure, please click here to complete a basic information form. Dr. Hargroder will then contact you to ascertain your level of interest in the MGB procedure and whether you are a good candidate for the procedure.






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