Carla Hubenthal Before and AfterCarla Hubenthal Before and After

The deal breaker for me occurred in November, 2002, when entering the Scott Trade Center to attend the charity event of a dear friend called “Guns & Hoses”, I got stuck in the turnstile in front of all of my family and friends. It was the most humiliating and embarrassing moment of my entire life. I kept smiling as we always do in painful situations and said to them “I guess one size doesn’t fit all”. Inside, I was livid. I was angry at my husband, Henry, for never being fat, angry at my father for every can of Slim Fast and stationary bike he bought for me but most of all, I was angry at myself for every doughnut and piece of pizza I had eaten.


On January 10, 2003, my life dramatically and positively changed in the 75 minute Mini Gastric Bypass procedure with Dr. David Hargroder. I weighed 320 pounds, 5’2” tall, 53 years of age, and married with two grown children. All my knee pain vanished after losing 50 pounds in three months and my back pain vanished after losing 100 pounds in eight months. I lost a total of 159 pounds in eighteen months going from a Size 26 to a Size 12.


  • It was an incredibly amazing weight loss journey! My fondest memories are:
  • Greeting my son, Tony, at the airport upon his return from Iraq. I had lost 97 pounds. He didn’t recognize me. He was so proud of me and I was so proud of him!
  • My daughter, Gina, cheerfully supporting my walking 100 miles in a two month time frame sponsoring a friend battling cancer.
  • No more seat belt extension on an airplane
  • Dancing with Henry and he whispers in my ear “I am so glad you are back”!
  • Purchasing an ugly MEDIUM sweater
  • Crossing my legs like a lady
  • Painting my kitchen, planting flower garden, washing the car, walking the stairs
  • Wearing a swim suit
  • Pretty under garments


I am happy! I am healthy! I like who I am! The increase of self-confidence and self-worth is indescribable. And I am so thankful! Thank you Dr. Hargroder for being such a talented, skilled surgeon and compassionate man.


Thank you Mom for the inheritance. You gave me life twice!


I weighed 320 pounds the day of my Mini Gastric Bypass, I lost 159 pounds. One more pound I would have lost half of me. In doing so, I FOUND ALL OF ME!


Carla Hubenthal
The Sleeping Giant Within

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