Mark Joyner Before & After Mini-Gastric Bypass

I literally stumbled on Dr. Hargroder’s office by mistake.  I was out training a UPS driver in the late fall of 2014 and we pulled up in front of P.J.’s Big and Tall Shop with Dr. Hargroders right next door . I jokingly thought to myself “this is very interesting business placement for both businesses” and “which one should I choose for the rest of my life?”  As I left, I started to consider this even more.  I was a suffering Type 2 Diabetic, just developing some sleep issues, high blood pressure, and had ballooned to my all-time NFL playing weight of 360 lbs.  I knew I had to make a change in my life… so I started seriously researching weight loss surgery, and specifically the MGB.  After talking to Carla, Tonya, my insurance company, and then attending a seminar, I knew this was the decision I needed to make for my long term future health.  So… I started saving for the surgery at the first of 2015 and had the surgery on 10/7/15.  I saw this day as my rebirth and 3rd chance at life (I beat cancer in 1998 so this was my 2nd chance!)


Since surgery, I am no longer a diabetic, I sleep like a baby at night, all of my numbers including blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. have all returned to normal levels.  My weight has gone from 360 lbs to 235 currently. (I lost 35 lbs before surgery and was 325 on the day of surgery so total weight loss is 125 lbs total and 90 lbs. since surgery) And, although I am still appealing the denied health insurance claim, it is the best decision I have ever made in my life and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is even considering it!  My advice is to JUST DO IT… you only live once and this surgery will allow you freedom like never before! I feel like a million bucks now and this is the first summer I have enjoyed in Missouri since moving here in 1987 where I haven’t been MISERABLE in the heat and humidity!  I am so forever thankful to Dr. Hargroder and his staff for helping me make this happen!

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