Shannon Walker discusses his life before and after the mini gastric bypass surgery, how the surgery affected him, some of the changes in his life, and things he wasn’t able to do before the surgery but now is capable of doing.
My little boy he liked riding roller coasters at Silver Dollar City, I mean that’s

something good I did wasn’t thinking about but I couldn’t ride because I couldn’t fit in the seat I mean the lap bar come down and wouldn’t latch well now I can take you to ride the roller coaster some stuff with him. I love to hunt and fish I’d go pheasant hunting with my friends and they’d always set me up as a blocker because they was afraid I’d get down and get winded and I hated it and it made me mad. Well this last year I got to go

pheasant hunting with him and I walked the whole thing and I had me a Fitbit just because I want to see how much walking I was doing and we was walking between 10 and 12 miles a day and I kept up with everybody, didn’t have any problem whatsoever. Everybody’s like wow. I had a one-year-old and a three-year-old boy and girl and I was afraid that I wasn’t going to see them grow up so I was looking for something to help me. I was 340 pounds high cholesterol high

triglycerides blood pressure was really high had medicine for all three went to the doctor and they was going to actually diagnose me with diabetes. What was neat was dr. Hager told me he said the night before surgery he said I want you to go out and eat a steak or he’s you know I want you to go out and enjoy yourself I don’t want you going out piggin’ out but he wanted us to go out and you know enjoy a nice supper I got up the next morning got my guys started

on their roof jobs and I went to the hospital and got checked in and at eleven o’clock I was havin’ my surgery. I was in surgery for 45 minutes to an hour. That next afternoon evening they sent me home I had my surgery the middle of September and the 1st of December I was off all my medicine. The only medicine that that I was on after middle of December was my multivitamin that Dr. Hargroder suggests and then my allergy medicine on take. I mean I feel great I’m

back to my high school weight I mean I weighed 340 when I went to have surgery and I I’m down to 178. Nine months after surgery I was on the back of my feet truck and I wasn’t even thinking about it and I just jumped off and if I’d have done that before – killed my knees and my ankles. It didn’t bother me at all. I mean I can run and chase cows out in the pasture head them off you know they’ve all kinds of stuff like that it doesn’t bother me

I don’t get winded now like i did. I mean I I’m 42 years old but I feel like I’m 22 years old I truly do.
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