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Obesity is Not a Character Flaw Webinars


“If you would just eat less and exercise more, you wouldn’t have this problem.”


They mean well when they say it… but they assume that obesity is a product of laziness, overindulgence or lack of will power.


What they – and the rest of the world – don’t yet realize is that there are other factors that you have little to no control over – working against your willpower to lose weight.


Join the team of surgeon and author, Dr. David Hargroder, as they explain:

  • Why you’re different
  • Why society has it wrong
  • Why dieting doesn’t stick
  • Why some permanent solutions work and others don’t


Dr. Hargroder is leading the fight to educate the medical community AND the world about the truth – Obesity is NOT a Character Flaw!

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Join the webinar series at any time. These webinar videos will be emailed to you, 1 per day, and you can watch them whenever you would like. There are four short videos which will explain explain why some struggle more than others and what to do when you’re ready to put an end to dieting, guilt, and shame.

You will also learn about the dramatic, almost miraculous effect weight loss surgery has on a variety of medical conditions including diabetes, sleep apnea, chronic joint pain, and high blood pressure.


Learn Everything You Need to Know about MGB Surgery!