Mini Gastric Bypass Webinar Series


Many people struggle to lose weight even after trying many diets and forms of exercise. If this struggle sounds familiar, you may be thinking about surgical weight-loss options.


While many people choose a full gastric bypass, a more minor version may actually be the right choice. Dr. David Hargroder offers a Mini Gastric Bypass webinar series for anybody who is interested in this procedure for weight loss.


If you think MGB may be right for you, keep reading to learn more about it and sign up for our MGB treatment webinar.


What Is MGB?


A Mini Gastric Bypass is a minimally invasive procedure that helps patients to lose extra weight and get on the journey to healthier living. A Mini Gastric Bypass is performed laparoscopically, meaning that you only receive five 1-inch incisions. This makes healing time minimal.


Unlike a full gastric bypass, a Mini Gastric Bypass is reversible. No part of your gastrointestinal tract is removed. Instead, the bypassed portions remain alive and healthy in the body where they can still contribute to digestion. Because these organs are still viable, they can be reincorporated into the digestive tract if necessary.


You can learn more about the intricacies of this procedure in our MGB surgery webinar.


Why Choose MGB?


Mini Gastric Bypass surgery is a simple procedure that offers minimal recovery time, making it a smart decision for your weight loss goals. Dr. Hargroder has helped over 1,000 patients, and the average hospital stay for his patients is one day, and the average surgery takes less than 60 minutes to perform.


If you are looking for a reliable weight-loss solution, learn about MGB through our Mini Gastric Bypass webinar. This will teach you about the process and help you determine if MGB is the right weight-loss surgery for you.


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