Dr. Hargroder’s Mini Gastric Bypass Support Team

Carla Hubenthal, Mini Gastric Bypass Support Team

Carla Hubenthal

Patient Care Coordinator

Primary Duties: Initial contact with patients, assist potential patients by answering questions and providing emotional support as they explore the option of weight loss surgery.


Carla Hubenthal is our Patient Care Advocate and the person you are most likely to talk to during your MGB Journey. Carla’s life was dramatically changed almost a decade ago when she had her MGB done. Carla is the Founder of a personal and professional development company called Sleeping Giant Within. Her experience teaching and training people to maximize their own potential has made her the perfect choice to conduct our educational seminars and walk beside you through each phase of the MGB process.

Brian Nieves, Mini Gastric Bypass Support Team

Brian Nieves

Chief Operating Officer

Primary Duties:  Business Development, Community Outreach, Physician Liason


Brian is the newest member of Dr. Hargroder’s MGB Team. Brian has extensive experience in business development and community outreach. Aside from being a Business Development Specialist and our Chief Operating Officer, Brian has twenty years combined service in the U.S. Navy and our Missouri State Legislature. Brian & his wife Julie have three children, Alexandra, Moriah and Victor.

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