5 Crazy Reasons Why Your Diet Struggle Isn’t About You At All

31.7% of Missourians are obese, ranking us 17 out of 50 on the national level.

When you’re trying to lose weight, it can seem like the whole system is rigged against you.

We’re here to tell you, “it is”.

There are some reasons for this common diet struggle.

Let’s explore 5 crazy reasons that you can’t lose weight.

1) They Need to Keep You Coming Back

You may have noticed that the size of drinks and fries has gone up significantly.

Restaurants are no different. They know that they’re serving you more food than one person should eat. But it’s good for business. And it starts to impact our ideas about a serving size.

Food is actually very inexpensive. It’s the cooks, cashiers, overhead, marketing, etc. that cost more money.

They’ve found that if they give people larger portion sizes, they feel more satisfied with the food and experience. It doesn’t cost them that much more, but it costs you if you eat all of it.

2) Good for Business — Bad for the Waistline

Processed foods have their own set of tricks. Even foods that you may think are good for you like yogurt or frozen vegetables may have added sugar.

This sugar causes your blood sugar levels to go up and down — even if you’re not diabetic. When the level’s up, you feel good. When it goes down, you may experience low energy and cravings.

If you turn to more processed foods to satisfy that hunger, you start the rollercoaster ride all over again. If you are diabetic, it’s even worse.

3) Upselling Increases Profits

You go out for a burger and fries with friends. You plan to be good with a small meal. Then the person taking your order offers you two fresh-baked cookies for a dollar.

This is called upselling. It catches us off guard no matter how many times they do it. You’re already hungry. You didn’t think you wanted cookies or larger fries. But the person taking your order seems so nice.

You don’t want to seem stingy in front of your friends or the cashier.

You buy.

4) Your Body’s Goals Are Different From Yours

People will tell you all day long, “just eat less”. You’re in control. And this is definitely true to a point.

But obesity is not a character flaw. It’s not just about willpower.

Scientific studies show that when you reduce your calorie intake, your body responds by reducing how many calories you burn.

That’s a no-win situation.

5) Your Body, the Motivational Trainer

If you cut back, your body begins producing hormones that encourage you to eat.

This all makes sense. The body is protecting itself. A sudden drop in intake signals that you may not have access to food.

Your body thinks that it needs to motivate you to find food so you won’t starve.

It’s hard not to give in to this.

That’s why 65% of people who go through the diet struggle to lose weight, gain it back.

End the Diet Struggle

You want to take personal responsibility. But when the cards are stacked this far against you, chances are slim. Lasting results may require more permanent measures.

If you’re ready to end the diet struggle once and for all, check out our videos that share a more effective alternative.

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