5 Reasons Why Weight Loss Systems Don’t Work

Have you been trying to lose weight with conventional weight loss systems that are failing you?

You’re not alone. An estimated 50 million American adults go on a diet each year, but only 5% manage to keep the weight off.

Here’s 5 key reasons why these systems simply don’t work for most people.

1. Dieting is not enjoyable

Putting restrictions on your diet generally means not eating the things you like.

Unsurprisingly, this leads to frustration and boredom. There’s only so much salad a person can eat before needing some kind of reward. And diet pills – despite their promises – offer no quick solution.

When people inevitably break the rules of their diet, the guilt makes the experience even less enjoyable. Holding ourselves to tough dietary standards doesn’t work.

2. Counting Calories is boring

Crunching the food is dull — and crunching the numbers is even duller. Counting your calories is probably the worst part of dieting.

No one wants to keep detailed diaries of what they’ve been eating. It takes all the fun out of life.

3. We can’t keep up with weight loss systems

The exercise regimes involved in weight loss systems are often completely unrealistic. In short, they are almost impossible to live up to. In fact, 73% of people who set themselves New Year’s fitness resolutions abandon them.

We either can’t find the time to keep up with grueling training, or we become worn down to the point that we simply can’t face it any more.

This is incredibly demotivating. This often means we fall right back to our old habits.

4. They’re inconvenient and expensive

From spending too long at the shops looking for the ‘right’ ingredients to being forced to avoid certain restaurants – weight loss systems are simply an inconvenience.

They’re expensive, too. Those special ingredients tend to cost much more than other products. And if you’re eating out, having something specially prepared for you by the chef is likely to cost a whole lot more than ordering off the menu.

Meanwhile, the systems may come with books or guides that you’re supposed to buy to keep you on track. All the costs add up.

5. If you manage to lose weight – it’ll come back

If you find a system that works for you, once you’ve shed the weight it’s easy for it to come right back.

After you’ve completed whichever system you’re on, reverting to normal exposes you to all sorts of temptations. It’s so easy to undo all the good work that you’ve done. There’s no guarantee at all that the weight will stay off for good.

Some people are genetically predisposed to gain more weight than other people. These people will find it much harder to keep the weight off afterwards – or to lose it in the first place. All of this can be very demotivating.

Have you considered weight loss surgery?

The Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) surgery is a short and simple operation for long-term weight loss with a high success rate. The operation usually takes less than an hour and the total hospital stay is normally shorter than 24 hours.

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