Does the Cabbage Soup Diet Work? (Hint: Nope!)

The cabbage soup diet is one of those classic diets that everyone’s heard of – even if they haven’t tried it.

But what is the cabbage soup diet? More importantly, does the cabbage soup diet work?

We have all the answers for you in this article on one of the most popular fad diets out there.

What Is the Cabbage Soup Diet?

It’s all in the name. For one week, you will subject yourself to a week of homemade cabbage soup.

Now, you can also eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as you like. Plus, on day two, you get the ultimate treat: a baked potato for dinner.

Complex carbs, including alcohol, are off-limits for the week. Sweets are obviously out, too.

Are There Benefits to Embarking on This Diet?

Sure. If you love cabbage, the cabbage soup diet is great. Though, you’ll need to supplement it with other food to get all the nutrients and protein you need.

The cabbage soup diet serves as a quick and temporary fix. People report losing up to 10 pounds in a single week on this diet. However, it’s  highly unlikely that they’re all losing 10 pounds of fat, but rather that they’re only shedding water weight.

Regardless, the number on the scale is lower for a little while, which is what makes this diet so popular with brides or anyone else trying to shed the last bit of weight before a big day.

Tell Me About the Cons of the Cabbage Soup Diet

First, you have to eat cabbage for a week. It’s boring at best, and gross if you’re not a fan of the circular, leafy vegetables.

Second, it’s not a nutritionally balanced diet. You’ll get plenty of vitamin C, but you’ll miss out on protein and healthy fats.

Another issue lies in the calorie intake. Because you’re eating a low-calorie soup and not supplementing it with carbs or protein, you may find yourself dizzy during the week. Stomach pains, vomiting, and flatulence are experienced by many dieters.

…Does the Cabbage Soup Diet Work?

No. It doesn’t work.

It’s true that some dieters report losing 10 pounds, but as previously noted, it’s likely that the result is only caused by getting rid of water weight.

Additionally, it’s difficult to keep that weight off. You’re more likely to regain the weight even faster once you return to your normal diet. So, even if you’re looking for a temporary fix, it could set you back even further when you’re ready to commit to a healthy, sustainable weight loss plan.

And you need to return to your normal diet. Man cannot live on cabbage soup alone.

You CAN Lose Weight – And Keep It Off

So, does the cabbage soup diet work? Absolutely not.

In fact, fad diets and diet pills are problematic ways to lose weight. Too often, they’re ineffective, or even unhealthy.

It is possible to lose weight and keep it off without giving in to these diets. We would love to discuss your potential candidacy for a mini gastric bypass surgery.

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