Steve Pelak Before & After Mini-Gastric Bypass

My name is Steve Pelak and I am a 53 year old contractor and a real estate investor.


At age seven I started gaining weight and growing larger than my other classmates. Soda became a habit. Fatty foods were a common source at meals. Snack cakes, cookies, and chips became a daily routine. I was the largest kid in school. Needless to say, I was made fun of. A LOT!!! It only gets worse after that. MUCH WORSE!!! I was ashamed of myself and had nowhere to turn. My self‐worth was null. In high school I just wanted to hide. It only gets worse after that, but I’m not going to go into that now. You get the idea!


2012: At 507 lbs, my back was failing. My joints were weak. I didn’t fit in anything. I used a power chair for most of my mobility. Traveling was not a vacation. Traveling was a pain in the butt! I was only 49 and I was giving up.


Luckily I found Dr. Hargroder and his staff at MGB Surgery. Robin, Carla, and Tonya are amazing! It only took about one hour of listening, watching, and questioning Dr. Hargroder (via webinar) along with Carla, and my wife Rose was signing up for surgery. Not for me, but for herself.


Both of us had the MGB Surgery on October 19, 2012. After four years postoperative, I’ve lost 200 lbs. My life has changed (for the better) soooo much! Including my wallet. I’ve calculated that if we had not invested in this amazing journey of MGB Surgery, not only would we have died 10‐15 years before our time, we would also be BROKE! With the medical bills we would have obtained, prescriptions, XXXXL clothes, oversized furniture, and additional travel expenses, etc. no longer part of our lives, we will now save over $ 300,000.00 over the remaining/additional years we will now live, now that we have had the MGB Surgery. As far as I’m concerned, the MB Surgery was FREE!!! It was so easy too. We’ve had no complications, and we are LOVING LIFE!


We encourage anyone needing to lose weight that has not been successful on their own to contact Dr. Hargroder and his staff. You will not regret it! If anyone feels the need to contact me personally to discuss this further, please email me at

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