Top 3 Most Ridiculous Weight Loss Scams

If you’ve ever tried to shed off a few pounds or lose a serious amount of weight, you know it doesn’t happen overnight.

This is because you gained the weight over a certain period of time and your body needs even more time to adjust to a new diet or exercise regime.

Losing weight is not a magical process where you take diet pills or apply “revolutionary” creams that burn fat while you sleep.

The reality of weight loss is entirely different. It’s a journey that requires patience, perseverance, and a lot of self-love.

For some people, reaching their ideal weight comes with diet and lifestyle changes. For others, a gastric bypass surgery may be the only solution.

But year after year, so many people fall for various scams in an attempt to become slim in a matter of days or weeks.

Keep reading to discover the top 3 most ridiculous weight loss scams of 2017.

The 3 Most Ridiculous Weight Loss Scams of 2017


1. Sensa

The Sensa weight loss products gained popularity because they claimed to fulfill every dieter’s dream – losing weight as you eat.

Basically, Sensa is the fairy dust of dieting – you just sprinkle it on your meal and watch the pounds shed. Only this is not exactly true.

The company sold powders in multiple flavors to appeal to a wide array of customers and was marketed as a modern weight loss wonder. According to the advertisements, the powder can help you lose 30 lbs without starving or even exercising.

When in reality, Sensa was one of the most well-executed weight loss scams in 2017.

2. HCG Diet Direct

One of the most elaborate weight loss scams of 2017 was the HCG Diet Direct.

HCG is short for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – a hormone extracted from human placenta that allegedly aids weight loss. The diet revolved around the idea that this hormone will speed up your metabolism and reduce your appetite, but you also need to be on a 500-calorie intake per day.

You could choose between taking a shot of the hormone or putting a few drops of it under your tongue and wait for miracles to happen.

Because this diet sounded legitimate, natural and easy, thousands of people fell for it and were scammed.

In fact, any person eating just 500 calories a day will inevitably lose weight. Note that depending on your dietary needs, physical activity and gender, the average calorie intake ranges from 1200-3000 calories per day.

Additionally, the HCG hormone does nothing for weight loss, making this diet a complete hoax.

3. L’Occitane Almond Beautiful Shape

Many people know and trust L’Occitane for their quality beauty products. But the company took it too far when they advertised their Almond Beautiful Shape cream for cellulite reduction. The cream supposedly reduces cellulite and trims off 1.3 inches from the targeted area if used regularly for four weeks.

This claim was marked as false by the FDA, so L’Occitane had to pay over $450,000 for false advertising. In addition, they had to promise not to make any false weight loss claims in the future.


Dieters and people trying to lose weight are a huge target market and many companies see this as an opportunity to sell products that don’t work.

But weight loss scams only work if you don’t do your research or if you actually expect to drop the weight overnight.

The best way to reach a healthy weight is to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. Some people opt for a mini gastric bypass surgery to help control their cravings and ultimately lose weight.

To find out more about mini gastric bypass and how it can help you lose weight, contact Dr. Hargroder’s office today to schedule a consultation.

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