Top 5 Weight Loss Myths Revealed

You’ve modified your exercise routine.  You’ve cut back on the snack food.

But despite your best efforts, the weight just won’t come off. You should know that weight loss has collected quite a few myths over the years.

Some of the top weight loss myths include:

1) Drinking Water Helps You Lose Weight

Water absolutely does not help you lose weight.

While it contains no calories and thus does not make you gain weight, water has no properties that facilitate weight loss. However, water makes a great substitute for fattening junk food.

But just because it can substitute as a snack does not mean you will lose weight by drinking it.

2) Weight Loss Diets Work

Weight loss diets work…until you don’t use them anymore.

This type of diet works like a subscription: you pay for pre-made meals and eat only them. These meals are made in portion size, so you only eat a particular portion of each food in the meals. This works well until you’ve lost enough weight to go off the diet.

So you stop subscribing and stop getting the portion-sized meals.

Then you go back to eating the same portions you were eating before. Which means you end up gaining back everything you lost.

In general, dieting doesn’t work well when it comes to losing weight because it’s a temporary strategy.

3) Radical Exercise Is the Best Way to Lose Weight

While there are undeniable benefits to exercise, it isn’t guaranteed to make you lose weight.

Exercise only works if you’re working off more calories than you’re consuming.

If you’re consuming 3,000 calories a day but only working off a few hundred, you’re still consuming a great number of calories. Plus, radical exercise tends to take up a large amount of time. Not to mention, jumping right into radical exercise your body isn’t ready for can wear on it.

Radical exercise can also cause you to become discouraged and not want to exercise anymore.

4) Dieting Pills and Supplements Work

There is no solid research to prove that pills and supplements are anything more than yet another one of these weight loss myths.

One explanation for weight that has been lost while on these pills and supplements is the Placebo Effect. In other words, when you take one of these products, you want it to work, so you start dieting and exercising in conjunction with taking it.

When you see yourself lose some weight thereafter, you contribute it to the product.

In fact, some pills and supplements available on the market contain harmful ingredients.

5) Weight Loss Is About Willpower, Not Genetics or Health Conditions

This is one of the more outlandish weight loss myths.

A number of variables factor into how much someone weighs, not just his or her eating and exercise habits. For example, irregular hormones and biological abnormalities can lead to weight gain.

Slow metabolism is another contributing factor to weight. Yet another potential cause is other medical issues, such as PCOS and depression. Regardless, weight loss is difficult to achieve.

Stop The Weight Loss Myths

There are so many benefits to achieving it that make it a worthwhile goal to have.

If you’re having difficulty achieving your weight loss goals, please feel free to reach out to us!  We’ll be happy to help!

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