Here are the 5 Worst Exercises for Weight Loss

Are you tired of exercising consistently without any real results? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, too many people are doing the wrong things in the gym, and not getting the results they’re looking for.

There are many different weight loss myths floating around the internet. And that means that you may be doing some of the worst exercises for weight loss, without even realizing it. Read on to see if you’ve fallen victim to any of these exercises.

Are You Doing the Worst Exercises for Weight Loss?

If you’ve been working out regularly, that’s great! Focusing on your health will greatly improve your life. But if you’re doing the wrong exercises, you could be wasting precious time which you could spend on better exercises.

These are the exercises you should avoid:

1. Crunches

Sadly, crunches won’t give you abs. So if you’ve been spending a large portion of your gym session on the floor, it’s time to change it up.

Many people want to lose weight from their stomachs. But human genetics don’t allow us to spot reduce. That means that crunches won’t give you the results you’re looking for.

Crunches are also one of the most dangerous exercises around. That’s because they put immense strain on your back. If you want to work on your core, try doing planks instead.

2. Long, Steady Cardio

If you thought you needed to spend hours slogging it out on the cross trainer, good news…you were wrong.

When you’re doing hours of steady cardio, you’re actually eating through your lean muscle. Not only does this lean muscle help you look good, but it helps you burn more calories at rest.

Instead, use high-intensity interval training to get a massive fat burn in a short amount of time. Win/win.

3. Calf Raises

Calf raises are fine if you’re aiming to add volume to your calves. But this isolation exercise is one of the worst exercises for weight loss.

If you’re aiming to burn calories, you should wait until you’ve reached your goal before you add calf raises to your gym session.

4. Side Tilts

If you’ve been grabbing a weight and doing some side tilts, you need to stop. Now. This a bad choice if you’re trying to keep an hour-glass shape. Side tilts develop your obliques, which makes your waist less noticeable.

You’re also not going to burn any fat while doing this exercise since you’re unlikely to be raising your heart rate enough to get in the fat burning zone. Skip this one altogether.

5. Adduction and Abduction

Most people do these exercises on a machine. The idea is to reduce fat on the inner and outer thighs. But like we learned earlier, you can’t spot reduce this way. You’re also unlikely to be burning enough calories while you’re sitting down.

Instead, it’s time to do some squats. Squats are hard work, which means your heart rate will be shooting up while you’re doing the exercise and coming back down while you rest. This burns calories and makes you fitter.

They’re also one of the most effective exercises for tightening and firming your thighs and butt.

Choose Wisely

Have you been doing any of the worst exercises for fat loss? If you’re unsure what how to meet your weight loss goals, get in touch today.

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